Reiki, the healing spiritual life energy!

Yvonne Higgins, ARTP
Newcastle and the Hunter Region!
(02) 4951 6271
0419 707 745

Reiki promotes living processes - detoxification and purification on all levels of body, mind and soul.

Reiki is a Japanese art for well-being and happiness. A hands on Reiki treatment practice utilising the Universal Life Force Energy to keep our body functioning properly, to reduce the stresses of life and to experience calm and relaxation.

There are four levels of training. The first two levels focus on the effectiveness and the intensity of Reiki hand placements whilst receiving Reiki and sharing Reiki with family members, friends, pets and even to become a professional Reiki Practitioner.

You will come to understand and experience the health benefits, the calm and inner peace that each hand placement offers.

The progression to Level 3 and 4 are for gaining further skills and knowledge in your Reiki development for a spiritual discipline that leads to self-awareness, tranquillity and harmony within oneself and nature. Or perhaps as preparations to become a teacher of Reiki.

Dates for the one-to-one Traditional Japanese Reiki Levels I to III workshops are upon request and to tailor suit your availability.

The two-day, one to one, workshops, can be over two consecutive days or two separate days over two consecutive weeks - weekdays or weekends.

Feel free to contact me on 49516271 or 0419 707 745 for a friendly chat.

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