Learn and Practice Reiki!

Yvonne Higgins, Reiki Master
Newcastle and the Hunter Region!
(02) 4951 6271
0419 707 745

Be attuned in Reiki to transmit the relaxing energy of love to effectively activate the body's own power of self-healing, and produce deep relaxation.


The Usui System of Reiki is also effective as a preventative method and path of personal development.

Uncover the natural ability that flows through your hands that has the power to help and give care for self, family and friends!

Reiki Level 1 Course (Two days, six hours per day)

No pre-requisite

Receive abilities to transmit universal life energy for self-healing and personal development.

The history of the Usui System of Natural Healing, starting with Mikao Usui, its founder up to the present day.

Learn the Usui Five Principles and the history of their origin and their relation to the Reiki system.

Learn techniques for Reiki whole-body (head, body front and back, legs, feet) treatments for all the vital organs of the body, as well as the seven main chakras, either directly or through reflex zones.

The hand positions will be demonstrated, and related individual function explained. The opportunity to practice the techniques during the course will be available to you for self and for others.

Course material: A manual plus written accompanying material on all core topics of the course will be provided.

    • Reiki Level 1 Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the end of the course.


    • Ongoing support is provided after the course.


Course fee: $330

To Book, please email Yvonne at [email protected] or phone on 02 49516271/0419 707 745 for a copy of the registration form.

Reiki Level 2 Two-day course

Pre-requisite: Completion of Level 2

1. Attunements into the Level 2 symbols and the related mantras.

2. Reiki Techniques: a) distance healing as self-treatment and for the treatment of other people; b) group distance healing; c) mental treatment with physical contact and within the scope of the distance treatment, with affirmation and without affirmation;room purification and energy intensification of the Reiki flow.

All techniques are theoretically explained and practiced.

3. You will be introduced to the five Reiki symbols and their related mantras and will have adequate opportunity to practice the symbols and mantras including an explanation an explanation of their fundamental from Japanese.

Written accompanying material on all important topics of the seminar is provided together with a manual.

Ongoing support is provided after the Seminar.

Reiki Level 2 Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the end of the Seminar 

Course Fee: $370

Reiki Level 3 One-day workshop

Pre-requisite: completion of Level 1 & 2

1. Introduction of the Usui master symbol with instruction on how to draw the symbol, what it means, and how to use it.
2. Receive master practitioner attunement.
3. Practice time in class using the symbol for treatments.
4. Additional exercises, techniques, and meditations.

Fee: $550.


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