Yvonne Veronica Higgins, Reiki Master - Teacher

Yvonne Higgins, Reiki Master
Newcastle and the Hunter Region!
(02) 4951 6271
0419 707 745

To practice the healing art of Reiki, four traditional attunements in the Reiki energy are necessary in the first level. Only when the attunements are transferred, can Reiki be used optimally.

Yvonne has been trained by teachers who have continuous lineages dating back to Mikao Usui, the founder.

Master Lineages of Yvonne in Usui Reiki Ryôhô
  • Mikao Usui – Taketomi Kanichi – Koyama Kimiko – Doi Hiroshi – Yvonne Higgins
  • Mikao Usui – Chujiro Hayashi - Mrs Chiyoko Yamaguchi - Hyakuten Inamoto – Yvonne Higgins

Each Reiki course level is over two consecutive days during the week or one weekend. A total of twelve hours face to face learning and sharing.

A course manual is provided. The teaching style is friendly, grounded, and well-founded. Questions are always welcome. Ongoing support is offered after each course.  

Training venue: Elermore Vale, NSW

Two-day Reiki Level 1 (Shoden)

Attunement to awaken the natural talent of transmission with your hands of the Reiki power (spiritual life energy) and how you can use this in Reiki applications for yourself and others. You can also use the Reiki energy for animals, plants and objects and situations. 

Participants will learn the important basics such as the Reiki whole body treatment, knowledge about the history of Reiki, its founder Mikao Usui, his Five Life Precepts and Meditations.

After Reiki Level 1, the Reiki Energy (Spiritual Life Energy) will be with you for a lifetime

Course Fee: $360

Two-day Reiki Level 2 (Okuden)

Attunement in the three traditional Usui Reiki Symbols to expand your skills in strengthening your strength, mental healing, and remote contact in Reiki applications.

After the completion of Reiki Level 2, it will entitle you to provide Reiki treatments to clients for a fee. You would at this time take out Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability Insurance for your service. As this is a compliance for the standards of conduct under the National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers. A category which Reiki Practitioners practice under. This Code of Conduct has been implemented in NSW, QLD, VIC, and SA. First Aid certification is also encouraged as well as the keeping log of Reiki treatments. 

By conducting Professional Reiki practice in accordance with the National Code is very much aligned with Reiki values of care and compassion. The National Code is designed to ensure that clients are respectfully cared for in the broadest sense, including their physical, financial, moral, and psychological safety.

Course Fee: $420

Two-day Reiki Level 3 (Shinpiden)

Attunement in the Master Symbol. The personality training for Reiki masters with meditations and the giving and receiving of Reiki blessings from the source of Reiki.

Course Fee: $520

Two-day Reiki Level 4 (Teacher level)

The teacher training for Reiki masters to initiate students into Reiki level 1 and 2.

Course Fee: Upon request!

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