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Spiritual Counselling with the Chakra Energy Cards!

An English webinar with

Walter Luebeck, Rainbow Reiki


You will learn how to understand the spiritual messages of the Chakra Energy Cards Oracle and to help yourself and your clients to solve conflicts, make the right decisions, receive deep and lasting spiritual healing.

Also, you will be introduced to the healing energy work with the Chakra Energy Cards!

- How to do direct energy transmission with them;
- How to charge crystals, oils and water for Feng Shui purposes or as a personalised Aura-Spray!

We will discuss the numerology of the Chakra Energy Cards and what this will tell us about the spiritual meaning of the place we live, work, our birthdate, relationships, and much more.

You will learn a variety of cards which explain to you the spiritual structure of a situation or conflict or any issue - and how to heal and harmonise this! Bringing back Divine Order to the situation, topic or person.

The Chakra Energy Cards are since more than 25 years in use in several countries. They are an oracle, a text book of spiritual wisdom, a source for in depth understanding of the Spiritual Energy System (Auras, Main and Secondary Chakras), a Spiritual Tool to produce 126 vibrational medicine essences, and to find powerful healing affirmations for Reiki 2 Mental Healing. The Chakra Energy Cards have been created by Walter Lübeck on the fundamental of the ancient Indian Shri Yantra mandala which shows the spiritual structure of Creation.


On registration, you will be provided with a link on the platform “Zoom” in readiness to join the webinar on the 6th February at 6:00pm AEDT or 10th April 2019 at 6:00pm AEST.

A replay of the webinar will also be made available to you 1-2 weeks after the webinar.

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