Yvonne Veronica Higgins, Usui Reiki Master Instructor

Yvonne Higgins, Reiki Master
13 Elermore St
Elermore Vale 2287
(02) 4951 6271
0419 707 745
Newcastle and the Hunter Region!

About Yvonne

Yvonne has experienced great loss in her life, in the form of the death of her two sons at the ages of 7 and 9, through a genetic disorder.

She says, ”Support groups, returning to work, personal development courses and meditation all did help to begin to fill the vacuum left by the loss of the boys. A turning point came in 2007 when I attended a mind power training course and received a blessing that was referred to as a form of Reiki. My experience with the Giver placing the hands on my crown was overwhelming. A surge of uncontrollable tears came over me, unleashing locked up grief and sadness.”

Following this experience, Yvonne attended a Reiki seminar and was attuned in the Usui Shiki Ryoho form of practice, saying, “I found Reiki to be very comforting and healing. New confidence and directions seem to open up for me. My wish was then to pursue a path in Reiki and to share this healing gift with family, friends and the community.”

In November 2010, she was drawn to re-sit the levels of her Reiki training in the Japanese tradition of "Usui Reiki Ryoho" ("Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method").

Yvonne has now Reiki Master certification in the lineages of Gendai Reiki Ho, Komyo ReikiDo, and Usui Holy Fire Karuna.

Yvonne regularly facilitates Reiki workshops in the four levels of Reiki training: Level 1 Sho-den (first teachings), Level 2-Okuden (deeper teachings), Level 3-Shinpiden (teaching of the mysteries) and Level 4-Okukaiden (Master/Facilitator).

Yvonne is the owner of Waves of Energy; an Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner and Member Reiki Australia®.

You can be assured of receiving the highest level of ethical and professional care.


  • REIKI AUSTRALIA (www.reikiaustralia.com.au)
  • Gendai Reiki Healing Association, Japan
  • Association of Genetic Support of Australasia (AGSA)

The Usui System of Reiki was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926) in Japan. A natural method of energy balance for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation.  

It is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. In fact, it can readily compliment other forms of therapy.


“I really enjoyed the Reiki practice and treatment this morning... thank you so much. Usually by this time of the evening my chest is tight and I need to use my asthma puffer but at the moment, my chest feels great!!!! THANK YOU.

Just wanted to let you know that my chest (lungs) are still feeling really great after the healing last Tuesday!”


"Thank you once again for coming to see in the hospital, the Reiki treatment has stayed with me whilst I have been here. There is a picture on my wall that Cindy put up, it is of a calming white sofa with the Reiki symbols above. I am going to give the picture as a goodbye gift to the staff, hopefully they will put it up somewhere and it will bring good energy and a sense of peace to this ward for all the people that are here."


“The Reiki treatments have been most beneficial for me in carrying out limited every day activities and compliment the maintenance program that my doctor has given me. Even my remedial masseur has commented how much better I control my leg movements. The bonus is also that I am now able to walk with longer strides in the hydrotherapy pool with the help of my physiotherapist. During each Reiki treatment I can feel the energy stimulating my brain and helping my legs to feel stronger and alive. Consequently an increase in mobility and feet circulation leading to a total relaxed feeling. Yvonne has also introduced simple ideas that I can use around the house whilst sitting in the wheelchair. This has helped me to maintain my circulation and exercising of my leg muscles”.....


Call Yvonne to find out how Reiki can benefit you and your life, or to book your Reiki Level I training today!

Yvonne is an Associate Member of Reiki Australia and the owner of Waves of Energy.

Yvonne was attuned in Reiki in 2007. Her Reiki Master Lineage is of:
Reiki Master Instructor, Usui Shiki Ryoho
Shihan, Komyo ReikiDo
Reiki Master, Gendai Reiki Ho
Reiki Master, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki.

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